Emirates Transport launches the pilot phase for its smart application “Hafilaty”


Emirates Transport (ET), the largest school transport provider in the UAE, in cooperation with the Emirates Schools Establishment, has launched the pilot phase for its smart application Hafilaty, which will be made available for use by 100,000 parents of students enrolled in government schools in the Emirates of Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah.

The development of the app comes in line with ET’s strategic plans to modernize its services in the school transport sector, and to enhance the efforts of smart digital transformation in its various operations.

Abdullah Khaled Al-Mousa, acting director of the School Transport Division at Emirates Transport, praised the exemplary partnership and effective cooperation with the Emirates Schools Establishment, which resulted in many qualitative initiatives and projects, the latest of which is the launch of the Hafilaty application.

Al-Mousa pointed out that the application provides its users, the parents, with many useful features that will enhance levels of safety and discipline in providing the service.

He said: “The app will allow parents to check on their children during their daily school bus trips, with real-time follow-up of trip details including student location tracking, and will have other features such as attendance management, direct communication via the application with the team on the bus, school trip history tracking, interaction through a live dashboard, and other advanced technical features”.

Al-Mousa added that the application will initially target about 100,000 parents in government schools but does not include – at this stage – the parents of male students in the third cycle, pointing out that the current trial phase will also be limited in Umm Al Quwain to parents of students in kindergarten and the first school cycle.  

Khaled Al-Mazmi, acting executive director of the Corporate Services Sector at the Emirates Schools Establishment (ESE), stressed the institution’s keenness to employ all available technologies to serve students and parents, which translates the ESE’s vision in making a quantum leap in the quality of services in the educational sector and in line with the best standards followed globally, adding that ESE is always keen to works with its partners to provide the best services and the latest specifications for our students.

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