Emirates Transport launches phase II of E-archiving project


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
Emirates Transport announced the launch of the second phase of its electronic archiving project, following the completion of phase one which included computing the files of the centers, departments and branches in the Corporation.
Abdulrahman Al Kamali, manager of Facilities Management Department at Emirates Transport, stated; The announcement of the electronic archiving project, launched by the Corporation in April of this year, came in accordance with the circulars and directives of ET senior management to establish an e-archiving system that serve all employees in the branches and affiliated stations.
This is per the recommendations of the National Archives in maintaining all records, files and other documents by adopting more efficient electronic archiving systems that fit with the latest technology, and meet the Government’s plans of smart transition.
Al-Kamali added; Phase II will include meeting all departments and organizational units in the Corporation to discuss the project and to equip those concerned with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure the smooth running of the project, while considering the work privacy of each department and responding to its demands in a precise and professional manner. This is a preparation for the transition to the implementation phase.  

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