Emirates Transport Launches 3rd Phase of Electronic Archiving Project


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
As part of its efforts to establish an electronic archiving system, Emirates Transport –  in the shape of the Facilities Management Centre – has launched the third stage of its archiving project, following the completion of phases 1 and 2 by the start of 2019.
Abdulrahman Al Kamali, manager of Centre, said that the project is currently at the implementation stage, following the launch of the first phase of the project in April last year, in which the total number of all the files and documents were estimated to assess the required work volume and determine the time and technical requirements for completion of the project. The second phase of the project, he added, consisted of meeting with all departments and organizational units, to discuss all aspects of the project.
Al Kamali expected that the third phase will continue for eight months, indicating that in this stage, an agreement was signed with Xerox in order to provide the human cadres of assistance and equipment and to mobilize the resources necessary to start the implementation of the project after analysing the data and files.
To this end, a meeting was held with Xerox attended by representatives from the departments of Finance, Procurement and Human Resources, as well as the Facilities Management Centre.
Al Kamali stated that scanning of files to generate electronic copies will begin in March and continue until June, with the aim of archiving files accumulated over the past five years, before the transition to the stage of daily archiving.

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