Emirates Transport initiates a smart system to manage tollgate payments for its fleet


Marketing and Media Department – Dubai:

Emirates Transport (ET) has activated an internal smart system to manage tollgate payments for all its vehicles registered under the Salik toll system in Dubai, which will bring a number of operational and financial advantages and benefits.

Hanan Saqer, Executive Director of Fleet Management at Emirates Transport, said: “The company has begun to reap the fruits of the intensive efforts it has made in recent years to enhance and complete the plans for digital and smart transformation, at all service and operational levels, as part of its continuous efforts to develop its business and improve performance in general, in line with the government’s directions and in a manner that enhances the leading positions and competitive capabilities of the company.”

Saqer added that the system is currently dedicated to managing the Salik accounts of the vehicles belonging to the company, but will later see the introduction of the Darb tollgate system for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, pointing out that the smart system allows for the introduction of any other system that may be applied in the future in the various emirates of the country.

The Executive Director of Fleet Management also stated that the system is very efficient, as all operations and procedures are managed in a smart and automated manner, and therefore it saves time and effort and can be accessed at any time from any device in the company, in addition to providing the company’s billing accountants with accurate statements, providing a clear picture for all expenses related to tollgates.

Highlighting more features of the new system, Saqer said that it provides stakeholders and decision makers with real-time analyses, and provides an overview of the key performance indicators in Salik to evaluate different areas of performance. She added that the system reduces manual work and thus saves employees’ time and effort and reduces associated human errors. It also allows data to be retrieved from anywhere within the company and will enable the departments to issue accurate and timely invoices, which means better management of revenues and expenses.   

The Executive Director of Fleet Management emphasized that the company continues to adopt and implement the latest fleet management systems, especially as it has a large fleet of approximately 32,000 vehicles.

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