Emirates Transport Arkany app offers employees HR services

Marketing and Media Department – Dubai:

As part of the continuous efforts to implement its digital transformation plans, Emirates Transport (ET) recently launched a smart phone application “Arkany” which provides integrated services to serve its human resources.

Feryal Tawakul, Acting CEO of Emirates Transport, stated that the newly launched app is the natural extension to the existing HR e-system and will make it easy for employees to access the same services through their smart phones or tablets from anywhere.

Talal Jamal Alnajjar, Senior Manager of the Digital Transformation Department, explained that Arkany, which is available in both Arabic and English, provides a wide range of services and benefits that allow employees to conduct many of their affairs remotely such as registering attendance and departure at the workplace, applying for vacations and absence permissions, following up on self-service requests and other human resources tasks.

It is noteworthy that Emirates Transport is one of the largest employers in the country with around 25 thousand employees working from 47 locations in all seven emirates.

The company attaches great importance to its human resources at all administrative levels, and it is keen to adopt the best administrative systems and practices. As such, the company launched a number of initiatives to empower and delight employees, including many training programmes and initiatives, as well as distance learning and self-learning courses through its smart learning platform “Minasati”.

In addition, ET distributed the discount programme cards for Fazaa and Esaad, which provides holders with many offers, discounts and benefits offered by the public and private sectors to employees.

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