Emirates Transport and Emirates Airline promote safety awareness among drivers

Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
Emirates Transport (ET) strives to provide transport and leasing services to its partners and customers in accordance with the highest safety standards, ensuring the safe and sustainable transport of passengers on its fleet of approximately 25,000 vehicles of various uses.
Tariq AlSedawi, manager of the Emirates Centre for Transport and Leasing, a subsidiary of Emirates Transport, said that the company has placed safety at the top of its priorities and considered it the cornerstone for the sustainability of its service system. This has contributed to the success and expansion of its activities locally and regionally and the growth of its contracts with a distinguished elite of clients in the public and private sectors, including the Emirates Group.  
AlSedawi said that ET, in collaboration with Emirates Group, organized an awareness workshop for 40 drivers who provide transport services to the group, which identified ways to protect them from the dangers of exposure to the sun during the summer, provide guidance to maintain their health and provide transport services in accordance with the highest safety standards.
The manager of manager of the Emirates Centre for Transport and Leasing added that the Corporation has been proud to offer its services for 25 years to one of the largest air travel operators in the world, represented by the Emirates Group, and currently provides transport services through 260 buses and 135 drivers for employees and trainees of the Group.
AlSedawi added that ET regularly holds training and awareness programmes for its drivers, through which they are qualified to provide services to clients with high professionalism and competence to ensure their satisfaction and achieve their happiness.

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