Emirates Transport achieves 97% satisfaction in 2018


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
Mohammed Abdullah Al Jarman, general manager of Emirates Transport (ET), revealed that the customer satisfaction index reached 97% surpassing the set target of 91%, while 91.2% of customer complaints were resolved within two working days.
Al Jarman pointed out that the remarkable improvement in the customer satisfaction ratio reflects the continuous efforts of the Corporation to enhance and develop the experience of its customers and to improve the level of efficiency and quality in the system of services provided to achieve the highest degree of satisfaction and happiness and wellbeing for ET’s base of customers both establishments and individuals.
Hanan Saqer, executive director of Corporate Services Division, said that the Customer Satisfaction Section is working to monitor the aspirations and desires of the customers in order to fully meet them in the best possible way.
She stated that the Corporation also seeks to ascertain their opinions about various services in a way that enhances the positives and avoids negatives, adding that the ET Call Centre is committed to meeting and responding to all customer inquiries about the services provided by the Corporation in its various branches.
The executive director of Corporate Services Division also pointed out that ET classifies the complaints received into three categories; Emergency which needs to be resolved and closed within 24 hours, Regular that must be resolved within two working days, and Complex must be resolved within 11-15 working days.
Saqer said that during the year 2018, the call centre received more than 40,000 calls, of which 1,596 were complaints. 371 of these were further categorised as Correct Complaints, and 91.2% of them were processed within a maximum of two business days, achieving a 97% customer satisfaction rate with their resolution.
The executive director of Corporate Services further noted that, overall, complaints decreased by 2% in 2018, compared to the number received in 2017.
It’s worth noting that in 2018 customer satisfaction rates for the School Transport Division increased from 93% in 2017 to 95%, the satisfaction rate for the Logistics Services Division increased from 97% in 2017 to 100%, the Auto Services Division maintained its customer satisfaction level of 100%, while the satisfaction of customers of the Transport and Leasing Division reached 97%.

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