Emirates Moto services 1,055 luxury vehicles during 2020


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.

The luxury vehicles maintenance unit, Emirates Moto, a subsidiary of Emirates Transport revealed it has provided auto maintenance services to 1,055 luxury vehicles belonging to 281 customers in 2020.

According to Marwan Hanna, manager of Emirates Moto, the unit was largely able to avoid the effects of Covid-19 on its business, by managing to maintain a service capacity of 2,000 vehicles annually, compared to 2,400 in 2019.

This allowed the Unit to provide 1,451 maintenance operations compared to 1,787 in 2019, while the overall number of serviced vehicles was 1,055, compared to 1,190 vehicles in 2019. Meanwhile, the number of customers decreased from 294 to 281, or about 4%. Hanna pointed out that the Unit currently manages 13 contracts with insurance companies and warranty extension companies.

The Emirates Moto manager added that the Unit welcomes the new year in a renewed and confident spirit, especially with the impending official opening of a new branch on Sheikh Zayed Road, in Dubai, following a trial opening in mid-December which saw the introduction of luxury cars sales services, in addition to a set of the usual express services.

Hanna added that promotional offers would be announced soon to mark the opening of the new branch, in addition to the launch of a smart application for the Unit.

He noted that Emirates Moto has all the ingredients that make it an integrated centre for the sale and maintenance of luxury cars, including a very advantageous location on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, as well as in Industrial Area 12 in Sharjah near Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road. In addition, the Unit employs a well-trained technical team of the highest levels, specializing in luxury vehicles, including 22 technicians in Sharjah and 57 technicians in the new branch in Dubai.

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