Corporate Services Division

The Division consists of: Government Communication Department, Operations Department, Department of Environment and Occupational Health & Safety, and the Department of Strategic Planning & Institutional Excellence.

Department of Strategic Planning & Institutional Excellence

Supervise development, promotion & implementation of ET policy, manage performance management, support & assist different units to achieve institutional distinction.

Operations Department 

Highlight & classify main operations, support their documentation through gathering “Operation Manuals”, regulate their review, improvement & reengineering, classify customers, issue “Customers Service Convention”, classify & sort different services offered, supervise preparation of “Service Manual”, develop strategies for dealing with customers complaints, supervise communication channels and follow up interaction with customers.

Department of Environment and Occupational Health & Safety 

Implement and follow up ET obligation to implement different international standards regarding OHSAS18001, & Environment Management System ISO14001, provide support, direction & necessary resources to carry on daily operations for different organizational units, to enable fulfilment of the EHS system, achieve customer satisfaction and guarantee the provision of a safe & secure business environment. 

Government Communication Department 

Portray and promote ET profile to different customers, strengthen ET relations with community, media, partners, stakeholders, affiliated establishments, and employees’ internal relations units.

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