Abu Dhabi Transport & Leasing trains 480 drivers on preventive driving during bad weather

Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
Emirates Transport, represented by the Emirates Transport Training Centre, together with the Public Relations Section at the Traffic and Patrol Department of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, organized a safety course for 480 drivers of ET’s Abu Dhabi Transport and Leasing Centre.
The course, under the title “Booster Course on Preventive Driving during Various Weather Conditions” reflects ET’s keenness to raise the readiness and awareness of its employees, especially drivers, to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers and road users.
Abdulla Al Amri, manager of the Abu Dhabi Transport and Leasing Centre, said that the Corporation is keen to plan and train its employees in the field of risk and accident management within the framework of its emergency and crisis plan and as part of its efforts to promote road safety.
Al Amri explained that these training courses cover driving in difficult weather conditions such as fog, wind, dust and rain, and coincided with the initiatives launched by the various government and private agencies in the UAE, and the circulars issued by Emirates Transport to stop school bus operations completely at times when visibility is low due to fog or any other bad weather conditions.
The training session included presentation of instructional videos to urge drivers to stop and not move in the absence of clear road vision, and the need to increase the safety distance between vehicles and not to make any overtake or other risky manoeuvres.

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