A new batch of university students complete their training at Emirates Transport


Marketing and Media Department – Dubai:

Emirates Transport (ET) has completed the training of the latest batch of university students, as part of its internal training programmes available for Emirati students of universities, schools and educational institutions.

The training of Emirati students comes as a reflection of ET’s values in the field of corporate social responsibility and in fulfilment of its national obligations.

The two students from the Higher Colleges of Technology, Alia Al-Mahri and Maryam Shubr, have completed a professional training programme in financial management at the company’s head office in Dubai, which lasted from the beginning of 2021 until the end of April.

Feryal Tawakul, Acting CEO and Executive Director of Shared Services at ET, emphasized that the company is keen to provide these training opportunities for young Emirati university students, noting the importance of this type of initiative to ensure the development of young Emirati professional competencies, and to achieve ET’s strategic goals in Emiratisation.

She also pointed out the positive impact of the internship programmes on the company, helping it to strengthen its presence among graduates and attracting promising professional competencies.

The two students expressed their delight at receiving such a training opportunity at one of the largest government companies in the country, which enhanced their practical experience and knowledge and allowed them to acquire qualitative professional competencies in their academic specialization.  

It is noteworthy that the internship programme at Emirates Transport extends to 8 weeks, and in some categories can reach approximately 5 months.

Over the past years, the company has welcomed several batches of Emirati students and trainees to gain vital work experiences in various administrative and technical fields.

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