5,117 supervisors from Emirates Transport to achieve student safety in school buses


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.
Emirates Transport (ET) is committed to applying the highest safety standards when providing school transport services to students, by providing school bus supervision service for them during their daily trip to and from school by bus, to ensure their comfort and safety.
Jasim Al Shair, Key Account Manager – VIP Customer Office in, stated that Emirates Transport is keen to follow and apply the highest safety standards during the transport of students, through qualification and training of bus supervisors to carry out their duties.
He pointed out that the most important responsibilities assumed by bus supervisors, begins by ensuring the readiness of the bus and its cleanliness, knowing the homes of the transferred students, as well as helping the student to board the bus quietly and orderly, and making sure that buses are free of students after the end of the school trip, or of any risks they may be exposed to.
According to Al Shair, the number of female bus supervisors at Emirates Transport reached 5,117 by the end of 2019, working in buses that provide transport services to the Ministry of Education, as well as Zayed Higher Organization for Humanitarian Care, the Applied Technology High School, and the Abu Dhabi Technical Institute for Vocational Training.
He said: “School bus supervisors undergo an integrated “Training Bag” programme, which includes ten training courses at intermittent periods throughout the school year.
“The targeted courses cover occupational awareness and work ethics, traffic safety, emergency evacuation practice, firefighting basics, first aid training, dealing with children and people with special needs, as well as general customer service skills when interacting with parents and members of the general public,” added Al Shair.

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