30 school buses refurbished by Emirates Transport during the first quarter of 2020


Dubai: Emirates Transport Media Dept.

30 buses of various sizes were refurbished during the first quarter of this year by the Bus Refurbishment Unit, which is part of the Auto Services Division at Emirates Transport (ET).

Eng. Fadel Ataalla, manager of Technical Development, said that the number is an increase on the 24 buses renewed during same quarter of 2019, pointing out that the buses belong to ET’s fleet of school transport and included 17 large buses and 13 minibuses.

Ataalla stated that the bus refurbishment project achieves significant investment and environmental returns with tangible savings compared to buying a new bus, especially since the process can extend the shelf life of an old bus by up to 8 years, adding that the environmental impact is reflected in reducing emissions due to engine reconditioning, and the use of thermal insulation to treat rust, to avoid the release of environmentally harmful chemicals.

Khalifa Ibrahim, manager of the Bus Refurbishment Unit, emphasized that the work procedures are subject to the highest global standards and follows the recommendations of the manufacturers.

Khalifa explained that all buses that are currently being refurbished belong to ET’s school and commercial transport fleets, while plans are afoot for the expansion of the project by providing service to external clients including companies and individuals.

It is worth noting that the Bus Refurbishment Unit employs 170 people, including 155 technicians who were trained and qualified to perform the tasks assigned to the Unit which last year managed to renew 133 buses, including 118 school buses and 15 commercial buses.

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