2018 | Arabia Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2014 | 2016


The Foundation won the 10th edition of the Arab Corporate Social Responsibility Award of the Arab Network for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSRN) in two categories. It was ranked First in the Public Sector category and ranked first in the Partnership and Cooperation category.In recognition of its efforts and outstanding achievements in the field of social responsibility and sustainability at the local and Arab levels, the organization was honored as the first class leader in the public sector category. It won the first place in the category of partnerships and cooperation on the project of converting vehicles to work with natural gas. The project is locally and regionally unique to the company’s innovative technologies and has been positively reflected on all categories associated with the vehicle, from the user to the fuel provider, community members, environmental returns, sustainability, With the government trends and strategy in preserving the environment and reducing the carbon footprint of the state.​

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